Death By Paradox  by R.M. Robinson
hardcover, 9781939434142, 320 pages, $29.95, October 11, 2014

Science Fiction by Scientists - 4:
The 3rd book in the ground-breaking trilogy.
"fascinating and enlightening" - Booklist (ALA)

ICED by E Axion

hardcover, 9781939434029, 88 pages, $17.75, June 1, 2014

The Swan Song of the South Pole, as we know it:
Space weather also has a mind of its own.
Short narrative fiction  (SciFire )

  A Planet Called Happiness  by R.M. Robinson
hardcover, 9781939434005, 320 pages, $29.95, June 1, 2013

Science Fiction by Scientists - 3:
Earth seeds the universe with new life. Will aliens reap the benefits?
"worldbuilding" Publishers Weekly

  Betrayal / Battle / Storm  by Larry J Friesen

hardcover, 9780915090891, 230 pages, $27; paperback, 9780915090945, 230 pages, $14.50

Science Fiction by Scientists - 2: Three novellas:
Space mirrors Earth in the warp of love and weave of war.
"The plots are solid...extended intellectual exercises..." Publisher's Weekly

The Seeds of Aril  by R.M. Robinson

hardcover, 9780915090228,  320 pages,  $32
paperback, 9780915090617,  320 pages,  $17.50

Science Fiction by Scientists - 1: "a visionary story" Publishers Weekly
Earth reborn, 20,000 CE, 8,000 light years away

Child of the Song  by XY Zebra

paperback, 9780915090709, 123 pages, $7.75

A noir space musical and a Genesis Romance-tm
A space spa turns life raft in a competition to survive.

On the Crest of Time  by XY Zebra

hardcover, 9780915090709, 192 pages, illustrated, $21

Camera maker Andre Optic improvises across the web of time
that enmeshes Sara Berlin, an astro-chemist. A geo-science life.
"coy, mysterious, sexy, a collusion of photographs & story" Booklist (ALA)

Don't Drink the Eye Drops, Dream Rider  by Jon D'Arc

hardcover, 9780915090068, 161 pages, $21

Son of a famous photographer, Aaron Rhyder leads a failed life in the shadows, until a sudden strange fogging in his sight sends him to Dr. Alisa Grey, who lovingly injects visions into his eye with a platinum needle. A classic in the medicine of vision, in the tradition of Kafka and Poe.  "jolting...a swift quirky tale" Publishers Weekly

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